Interest rate support mechanism

    Interest rate support mechanism

    Administrating institution: Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, BGK

    The Program of the Interest Rate Support (DOKE Program) was introduced on the basis of the Law of 8 June 2001 on subsidies to export loan interest on fixed-rate.

    Export credits interest rate support scheme (DOKE Program) is a stabilization mechanism for interest on medium- and long-term loans granted by commercial banks for financing export of Polish goods and investment related services. This Program allows Polish and foreign banks to offer fixed-rate (CIRR rate) export credits with a maturity period of more than 2 years, without the risk associated with increase in floating interest rates during the repayment period. CIRR rates are published on a monthly basis by the OECD Secretariat, therefore the terms and conditions of fixed rate export credits offered to foreign buyers of Polish goods and services are the same as offered by other OECD countries. The budgetary resources for the DOKE Program are administered by the National Economy Bank and deposited in the special DOKE account established in the Bank.

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