Basic information - Rating

    Basic information - Rating

    Rating - assessment of the credit worthiness made by a rating agency.

    The rating scale:

    Long term rating Short term rating
    S&P Moody's Fitch S&P Moody's Fitch
    investment grade investment grade
    AAA Aaa AAA A-1+ P-1 F1+
    AA+ Aa1 AA+ A-1 P-2 F1
    AA Aa2 AA A-2 P-3 F2
    AA- Aa3 AA- A-3   F3
    A+ A1 A+      
    A A2 A      
    A- A3 A-      
    BBB+ Baa1 BBB+      
    BBB Baa2 BBB      
    BBB- Baa3 BBB-      
    non-investment grade non-investment grade
    BB+ Ba1 BB+ B NP B
    BB Ba2 BB B-1   C
    BB- Ba3 BB- B-2   D
    B+ B1 B+ B-3    
    B B2 B C    
    B- B3 B- D    
    CCC+ Caa1 CCC      
    CCC Caa2 CC      
    CCC- Caa3 C      
    CC Ca RD      
    C C D      


    Current ratings - current Poland's ratings.

    Historical changes - information on Poland's ratings changes in the past.

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