Basic information - TSD

    Basic information - TSD

    The System of Treasury Securities Dealers (TSDs) was introduced at the beginning of 2003. It limited the access to the Treasury Securities (TS) primary market to entities with the status of TSD. The System of TSDs was implemented in order to ensure financing of the borrowing requirements of the State budget and to improve liquidity, transparency and effectiveness of the TS market. Participation in the competition for TSD is limited to Polish and foreign banks, which meet requirements stated in The Rules and Regulations Governing the Activities of the TSD.

    List of Treasury Securities Dealers   Regulations
    List of banks performing the function of TSD.   Rules and regulations governing the activities of the TSD from 2005 up to date.


    Benchmark issues   Ranking

    List of benchmark issues in trading on the electronic platform Treasury BondSpot Poland and the list of treasury bonds subject to fixing.

      Current classification of TSDs and Candidates in the Treasury Securities Dealership system.


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